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The pitfalls of getting your mate to MC your wedding

Chelle/ August 24, 2019/ Uncategorized

Thinking about asking your best friend to MC your wedding? There are pitfalls in getting your mate to MC your wedding … Your mate forgets to bring their copy of the final run sheet. They don’t leave enough time to do their pre-event checks. When the entrée comes out, they’re outside having a ciggie. They start loving the sound of their own voice and Won’t. Shut. Up. They’re enjoying their meal, when they should be introducing the next speaker. What happened in Vegas doesn’t end up staying there. They get drunk and mispronounce your partner’s dad’s name. They hit on one of the wait staff (or worse, one of the bridesmaids. Who’s married). They don’t know what to do when it comes to the cake bit. They’re trollied by the time the night is over and they don’t close the proceedings. Yeah, not much at all … Look, I have seen it work. I’ve seen friends do a stellar job. And that is how I got started. But I also had professional voice work

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