Hello! I’m Michelle — The Female MC. I’m based in Sydney (but happy to travel) and I’m available for weddings and corporate events.

When I tell people what I do, they nearly always ask:

“Why go to the expense of hiring a professional MC?”

Usually followed up by, “… when I can get my bubbly BFF, uncle so&so who’s in a covers band, or the superstar from Sales to do it for free?”

Fair enough. Because most of us know at least one person who’s got the confidence to get up in front of a crowd and tell a joke or two.

I’m of the view they simply won’t be able to fulfil the duties of an MC and enjoy themselves at the same time. And, really, don’t they deserve to be celebrating along with the rest of your guests?

Then there’s all the things that could go wrong when you ask an amateur.

We’ve all seen it: everything starts off fine. A *few* drinks later.  And they decide they quite like the sound of their own voice. That tonight’s the night they première their stand-up routine or kick-start karaoke on the dance-floor.

As a professional who has the experience and is qualified — I will take the time to understand what you want your wedding or event to feel like. I will help you refine and stick to your run order. I will hustle your guests with humour. I will make sure all your other vendors are doing their job. Oh and also: I’ll stay sober.

That’s why you’d invest in a professional MC.